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Overnight Contact Lens

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Broken glasses, uncomfortable contact lenses, or tired of torn or lost contacts?

Orthokeratology, corneal refractive therapy and gentle molding are all synonymous with the procedure of using specially designed gas permeable contact lenses used during sleeping hours to gently reshape the cornea to optimize daytime vision. This technique has been used for many years. Recently it has evolved into a therapy that may just be what the nearsighted patient who has had trouble with traditional contact lenses, who doesn’t want to try daytime contacts or maybe has considered surgical procedures but doesn’t feel that surgery is for them may all be looking for.

Now you can be free of daytime contact lenses and glasses during your daily activities without undergoing surgery and enjoy great vision! Recent clinical research combined with the latest corneal surface mapping technology, computerized manufacturing and space age oxygen-breathing materials have brought new science to corneal reshaping.   Corneal Refractive Therapy is a non-surgical process clinically developed to reshape the cornea while you sleep. The result is the temporary correction of myopia with or without moderate astigmatism.

The procedure is for any age patient and works exceptionally well with the emerging nearsighted eyes. Optimal vision is obtained by about 7-14 days. It is non-permanent and fully reversible by simply discontinuing wear of the lenses, if one desires. Although, there are small risks the wearing this lenses, as there are with any contact lens, no serious adverse events were observed in a FDA clinical study.

Because these contacts offers freedom from glasses and the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day, this leading-edge technology can enhance the lifestyle of those requiring vision correction. Active individuals can freely participate in sports without the interference of glasses or bother of contacts. Eye irritation or dryness, sometimes associated with contact lens wear due to outside dust and pollutants, is eliminated.

For more information on this revolutionary non-surgical option, please contact our office to answer any other questions or visit

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