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 Maxwell Dixon, M.D..


Dr. Dixon, a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, completed his residency in ophthalmology and fellowship in glaucoma at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He returned to his home state of Michigan to join Huron Ophthalmology in 2021. He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Glaucoma Society. He has also published and reviewed numerous peer-reviewed articles in journals such as JAMA Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Glaucoma, Ophthalmology Retina, Ophthalmic Genetics, and Cornea and presented at medical conferences nationally.


He is trained in the latest surgical techniques including small-incision cataract surgery, advanced technology intraocular lenses, and micro-invasive glaucoma surgery in addition to traditional glaucoma surgeries for advanced disease. Outside of work, Dr. Dixon enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, photography, and cooking overly elaborate meals.

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