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Huron Ophthalmology was founded by Dr. Jerome Epstein 52 years ago. What started as a small office on Arnett Street in Ypsilanti has grown to a six ophthalmologists, two optometrists practice on the campus of Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor.   Dr. Epstein and Dr. Jerry Meislik were instrumental in advancing the practice in technology and patient care.  Dr. Robert Goldsmith, Dr. John McWilliams, and Dr. David Schmidt later joined and referred their patients to Huron Ophthalmology before their retirement.  Huron Ophthalmology then began growing as Dr. Gregory Katz and John Barletta join the practice in the mid-1990s. Afterward, Dr. Thomas Kehn joined the group in 1999.  Dr. Barry Fuller joined in the year 2000 with Dr. Skyler Wolfe joining in 2009.  Dr. Dixon joined in 2022.  Dr. Epstein and Meislik retired in 1999 and 2000 respectively. 


At present time Huron Ophthalmology now has specialists in glaucoma, cornea, and eye plastic surgery.  Most importantly, Dr. Epstein summed it up when he said “the group has continued to grow, develop, and deliver what we always believed was the best quality care in a caring environment.  The people were the important aspect of Huron Ophthalmology."

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