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Always looking for your reading glasses?

Would you like to read a your cell phone or read a menu without your glasses?


Huron Ophthalmology is proud to announce an exciting new FDA approved technology which can decrease or eliminate your dependency on reading glasses.  If you are one out of millions of people over the age of 45 that have a hard time reading, Conductive Keratoplasty may be the procedure that can help you.

Realistic expectations:

The decision to have CK is an important one that only you can make. The goal of any refractive surgical procedure is to reduce your dependence on corrective lenses. However, we cannot guarantee you will have the results you desire.

In the FDA clinical studies, 98% of patients were able to read newspaper-size print without reading glasses after the CK procedure (12-month follow-up data).

CK is a safe and effective procedure, but like any medical procedure, it does have some risks. After a thorough eye exam you and your doctor will determine if CK is an option for you. If you are a good candidate, you will be given additional information about the procedure that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed. Should you want more information please visit

More than 25% of the population (60 million Americans) have to wear reading glasses to read a newspaper, order from a menu, see price tags, use a computer or even dial a cell phone. Many people find wearing reading glasses an inconvenient and unwelcome sign of aging.      

What is NearVision(SM) CK(R)?

NearVision CK is medically called Conductive Keratoplasty(R). It is a procedure that uses a controlled release of radiofrequency (RF) energy to shrink corneal tissue, which steepens the cornea. This steepening creates a safe and predictable modification to the surface of the cornea for the temporary reduction of reading difficulties. It changes how the eye focuses light by reshaping the cornea to improve near vision.



CK makes the cornea steeper
and increases its focusing power

CK is a quick and painless in-office procedure with little discomfort. There are no lasers and no cutting. It is considered a very safe and minimally invasive procedure. The procedure must be preformed by a certified ophthalmologist.

What Conditions does NearVision(SM) CK(R) Treat?

NearVision CK (Conductive Keratoplasty(R)) is intended for people over the age of 45 who need reading glasses (clinically termed "presbyopia") and people with moderate farsightedness (clinically termed "hyperopia"). CK is not intended for people with nearsightedness (clinically termed "myopia"). It is also important that patients have not had a significant change in their distance vision for one year and have no health issues affecting their eyes.

What to expect on the day of the procedure:

  numbing drops in eyes before near vision ck in honolulu
    Your eye will be completely numbed with drop anesthesia
CK is performed in our office suite. First, your eye will be completely numbed with powerful eye drop anesthesia. When your eye is completely numb, an eyelid holder will be placed between your eyelids to keep you from blinking during the procedure.

Then, lying back, you'll be asked to look at the microscope light. Your eye will be marked with a series of dots (treatment spots) forming a full circle around the outer margin of your cornea. Using these dots as a guide, your surgeon will apply a probe as thin as a human to each treatment spot which then creates heat from radio waves. This creates a tightening effect creating a more curved cornea.

spots applied to cornea for near vision ck in honolulu
There will be 8 or more treatment points

Right after the procedure, your eyes will be examined and you will go home and relax for the rest of the day. During the first 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort, including a foreign-object sensation or "scratchiness" in the eye, or excessive watering. Medication will be prescribed to relieve any discomfort. Normal activities are generally resumed within a day or two. While many patients see improvement in their near vision immediately after the procedure, it usually takes a few weeks to several months for the results to be fully realized. As with other vision correction procedures, you may experience some discomfort and light sensitivity (glare or halos).

slit lamp exam before near vision ck in hawaii


The majority of CK patients are able to return to their normal activities the day of their procedure. It is advisable to be careful with your eyes and avoid any strain. Those whose jobs demand intense clarity of vision may find their work more difficult to perform for several days after the procedure. You will not have to wear any patches or bandages during your post-op period. Patients should avoid getting contaminated water in their eyes for at least one week. Patients should keep their eyes closed when showering or bathing to avoid rubbing their eyes vigorously for two weeks following the procedure. Females should also avoid applying eye makeup for one week after surgery.


There are very few complications that are associated with Conductive Keratoplasty because it is a non-invasive procedure. Some side effects include:

  • Slight discomfort or tearing, like something in your eye (can be treated with eye drops)

  • Light sensitivity (glare or halos)

  • Slight overcorrection

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